Kandie Undisputed

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The Beginning

Kandie has always been able to TALK... sometimes even she feels that she talks too much, but regardless she is always REAL.

Kandie decided to do her own radio show after being executive producer for Live Talk and DVpassion After Dark and being guest host on Live Talk. A simple chat with Station Manager Ynette Keith created a brainstorm that is now Kandie Undisputed. 

Check out the show on Status Network every 2nd Sunday from 5pm to 7pm.

About the Show

Kandie Undisputed...

the brainchild of Leave It To Kandie and Kandie Promotions founder Kimberly "Kandie" Martin. A newbie to the entertainment world, Kandie's mission is to change the game by helping others get to their Next Level by showing them that supporting, educating, and encouraging themselves and others will make their impossible dreams.... possible. Kandie Undisputed is bringing that mission to radio. This unique platform will be an open minded, real and sometimes funny discussion of real life events and situations. Where EVERYONE'S voice is heard and where Kandie is always Undisputed.

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EMAIL: kandieundisputed@gmail.com
TEL: 678-374-9848

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